Higher Education

Trident supports Colleges/Universities by helping to reduce their cost while maintaining high-quality education to their students. Trident gives savings, technology, and support.
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Business Services

Trident provides support to businesses needed to compete with competitors. Businesses turn to Trident to build and customize their tools, host their websites, or maintain their data centers.
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Trident Consulting Firm

Our mission is to support, help, and commit ourselves to the Small Business, Higher Education, and DIY Legal support for our clients and potential clients. We are a true dedicated partner to our clients by being completely involved with their business needs and supporting those needs as the company, steering committee, and/or senior management envisions. Our goal is to drive the company goals to the next level. Our view is to help the business owners to reach the end-goal for their business.

We understand how important it is to be available to our clients in a 24 hour, 7 days a week. Every client will have a Project Manager assigned to them.  That Project Manager will be readily available to the client for quick access; to ensure there is a clear understanding of what is involved politically, socially as well as reviewing local support for the client’s needs.

Once you are a client there is an area within our client portal that we use to ensure you keep up with various education seminars that are going on across the country. Some of these conferences we will serve as a partner, while others may be provided by i.e. SBA, State Governments, City Contract updates, etc.  We will also allow our clients to network with our other clients to share ideas, services, and events they may be sponsoring.

Challenge us with your requirements. Get to know us first before you trust to do any of your business with us. We will provide your organization with a written proposal and statement of work, all for FREE. What we indicate on the proposal is what you are guaranteed including our proposal cost. This will be in accordance with the written requirements that your team will provide; item line cost will be included.  We would again like to thank you for reviewing our website and we look forward to being of service to you and your employees.

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